August 21 1962 - October 26 2013

Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for everything. Tina's time on this earth has ended, but she gave us so much that continues in our lives.

Tina was equally at home with everyone she met, including Presidents and celebrities. She had a way of elevating all she touched to a higher level. In her passing she has brought family and friends closer together and we have all been doing our best to live as she has inspired us to, and thank Father for allowing us to know her.




In preserving the artistry of Tina the following links have been added

Tina's original website:

this site was constructed after her first art exhibtion at the TCW building, downtown Los Angeles
Nov/Dec 1998

Tina's cooking blog

some of her original recipes. She had several recipes published in Sunset Magazine and their books

Tina's painting blog

some of her latest paintings are discussed in this blog


this page contains thumbnail images of most of Tina's paintings throughout her life.

See for original paintings, prints and silk scarves